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Water challenges and ecosystem restoration are highly relevant topics on the global agenda. The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Applied Ecohydrology (MAEH) focuses on finding and implementing solutions that ensure the sustainability of the uses and good ecological status of water and aquatic ecosystems, by merging ecohydrology with water engineering and integrated water management. MAEH graduates will have the holistic perspective and technical knowledge needed for solving the complex and multifactorial problems of water security and aquatic ecosystems sustainability, now and in the future.
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The Erasmus Mundus master program in Applied Ecohydrology merges the skills and expertise of four European Universities and cooperates closely with UNESCO experts, companies and institutions in water science.


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MAEH 2024/25 Self-funded selection outcome (Non-European countries)

MAEH 2024/25 Self-funded selection outcome (Non-European countries)

Dear MAEH self-funded candidates, Thank you all for your interest in the MAEH programme. I am pleased to inform that that the selection process to select the self-funded students, from non-European countries, is now complete. Selected candidates have already been...