Three Days of Powerful Talks II 18 – 21 OCT II 2021
University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

Ecohydrology is a practical and applied science that integrates ecology and hydrology knowledge for the development of solutions that restore aquatic ecosystems, at the river basin scale. The ecohydrology solutions can be articulate with existing infrastructures (as dams) and with engineering solutions (as Waste Water Treatment Plants), but require also to incorporate social, cultural and economic values that support a wise and informed river basin management.

The conference is organized by the International Society for Ecohydrology in collaboration with the UNESCO Ecohydrology Programme, the Hydro Eco group and the UNESCO FRIEND programme.

It will bring together expertise and experiences, presenting examples from basic research to implementation, integrating knowledge from molecular level to river basin management, from different regions of the world.