Dear MAEH candidates,

Thank you all for your interest in the MAEH programme. We received over 220 applications from 52 countries, with only 21 candidates being selected for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Selected candidates have already been informed and accepted the scholarship.

If you didn’t receive an email from us, it means you were placed in the reserve list. If you want to know your ranking and respective score, feel free to contact us via

If you still wish to be part of the programme, you can join as a self-funding student. You can find all the details regarding the self-funding option here on the website. In case of any questions related to the support of the consortium universities, please contact us. Please note that we can only accept four (4) self-funding students.

As this is a very competitive programme and candidates are ranked against each other, I urge you to reapply next year.

Wishing the best to you all.

Prof Luis Chícharo,

Coordinator of the MAEH