Applicants will be ranked by a selection committee, with representatives of all partner universities. Admission and scholarships will be awarded based on on the following selection criteria:

1. Academic qualification based on previous study results (max 60 points),
2. Motivation letter (max 15 points),
3. Recommendation letters from previous supervisors or employers (max 5 points);
4. CV and relevant experience (max 20 points).

We will respect a fair regional diversity of selected students according to EACEA recommendations.

According to the Erasmus Mundus Programme, a maximum of three candidates can be selected from each country. Other highly ranked candidates of same country will be placed in the reserve list, in case of a drop off candidates from the selected candidates list. If this happens you may be contacted between 15th and 22nd March. In case this will not happen, and you decide to enroll in the programme, you may apply to other scholarship opportunities provided by the consortium, that will share the costs of university fees and insurance.

In the case of equally qualified candidates, preference will be given to the under-represented gender.

Applicants selected for a scholarship and/or admission will be notified by email until-15 March 2021. Each intake year, 22 Erasmus Mundus scholarships can be awarded.
All student participating in the MAEH programme will have to sign the student agreement.